After applying the suggested changes

Before I do this experiment, keep in mind that I didn’t spend a lot of time following ATS guidelines on my first version of my resume. I wanted to make sure all the information was there, but left room for Resume Worded to show me how to make it better.

My initial resume scored 30 out of 100, which is pretty low. , my score doubled. Using the features in the free plan, I scored 64 out of 100. I’m pretty happy with that. If I had used the paid version with advanced tips, my score would have been much higher.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the process

Here’s the initial version I created using one of HubSpot’s free resume templates:

ATS Resume Template; My first version of my resume, before ATS optimization

After uploading it to Azerbaijan Whatsapp Phone Number List Resume Worded, I received a lot of suggestions and information about things I had done right:

ATS Resume Template; Update your resume with information from a resume scanner

Image sourceIn My Experience, Optimizing My Blog Increases My Reach.

ATS Resume Template; Brevity is one of the factors to consider when creating an ATS-friendly resume

Image source

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Based on the tool’s suggestions, here are the changes I implemented

I reorganized my experience from paragraph-based descriptions into bullet points.

I reviewed the use of passive voice in my resume.When You Optimize Your Web Pages, Including Blog Posts, You Make Your Website More Visible to People Who Use Search Engines Like Google to Find Your Products or Services.

Resume Worded suggested Outlet UGG adding an additional section to increase the word count. The first version of my resume was 30-40 words shorter than the industry average. So, I decided to add an “Awards and Achievements” section.

I added additional information about education.

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