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What is a Re-engagement Email?Real Examples of Re-engagement Emails
What is a Re-engagement Email?
Re-engagement Emails Are Bulgaria Whatsapp Phone Number List Marketing Emails You Send to Reconnect With Customers Who Haven’t Engaged With Your Brand in a While.

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Common Types of Re-engagement Emails
The Right Re-engagement Email Depends on the Recipient. You Can Go With a Subtle “we Miss You!” or a Humorous “take Me Back!” That Being Said, Here Are a Few of My Favorite Re-engagement Emails That Will Boost Your Engagement Metrics.

We Miss You
Instead of Blaming Your Subscribers for Being Inactive, You Can Start on a Positive Note and Remind Them of the Good Times They Had With You. When Writing a “we Miss You” Email, My Goal is to Remind Inactive Customers of the Value of a Particular Brand in Their Lives.

Pro Tip: You Don’t Have to Outlet UGG Include “we Miss You” in Your Subject Line—in Fact, I Recommend Avoiding It Since Many Brands Default to It.

Here’s a we Miss You Email Template I Use Often.

But Lately, I Can’t Help but Feel Like We’ve Grown Apart. I Miss the Busy Times With You Around. Our Friendship is Not What It Used to Be.

The Good News is – It’s Never Too Late for a Heartfelt Reunion!

Then, I’d End the Email With a Strong Cta.

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