Discount to Entice Recipients to Click

Roaman’s Has a Few Unique Features to Its Win-back Email. First, I Really Like Its “we Miss You!” Message, but It Also Offers a Huge . Plus, the Call to Action — “one-time Exclusive Offer” — Creates a Sense of Urgency and Exclusivity.

Pro Tip: While You Might Feel Pressured to Offer a Discount in Your “we Miss You” Email, It’s Not Necessary if Your Brand Doesn’t Offer Discounts.

Greg Zakowicz, Senior Marketing Specialist at Omnisend, Agrees: “if a Brand Discounts Frequently, I’ll Use Discounts to Drive Sales. If a Brand Doesn’t Discount Frequently, I Won’t Feel Pressured to Offer Discounts.”

Hut Plans to Remove Uninterested

Subscribers to Make Room for New Customers on Its Email List.

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The Hut Isn’t Looking to Generate an Immediate Sale. Instead, It Gives Email Subscribers the Option to Update Their Email Preferences or Unsubscribe. While This Type of Email Won’t Generate Sales for You, It Can Help You Clean Up Cameroon Whatsapp Phone Number List Your Email List and Improve Email Deliverability.

Pro Tip: if Inactive Subscribers No Longer Wish to Hear From You, Give Them a Chance to Opt Out. While It’s Heartbreaking, It Will Greatly Increase the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

5. Cole Haan
Cole Haan Ran a Successful Email Campaign With Personalized Recommendations to Earn Higher Click-through Rates.

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I Find Personalized Recommendations Are King. Cole Haan Seems to Be Doing Just That With Its Re-engagement Emails—even Outlet UGG Complimenting the Recipients. I Love How the Models Look at the Recipients Expectantly.

6. Venmo
Venmo’s Re-engagement Strategy Revolves Around Fomo.
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Venmo’s Cheeky Email Marketers Don’t Just Hint at the Fear of Missing Out (Fomo). Instead, They Tell You Outright That You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Download the Latest Version of the App.

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