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And these applications were sent within an hour of the job appearing on LinkedIn. This makes me think that most applicants used the “easy” apply button and didn’t customize their profile.

This doesn’t work with an ATS; your resume has to be tailored.

Angela Tait, talent operations strategist and founder of Tait Consulting, says,

“Especially when using an applicant tracking system, using keywords and direct sentences is a surefire way to submit a relevant and compelling resume. Tweaking your resume every time you apply for a job, while more time consuming, can mean the difference between getting an interview or getting lost in the sea of ​​applicants.”

She also shares an example

“When I was recruiting for a vacation HR manager position, I received a lot of resumes from HR people, but when. I looked up their Argentina Whatsapp Phone Number List experience, they didn’t list anything specific about vacation. Which made me think they probably didn’t have experience. If I were using an ATS, it’s unlikely that resume would have made it to my desk because it was missing the keyword ‘vacation.’”

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9. Office Positions Pro Tip: Include Your ZIP Code

You may have noticed that more and more companies are requiring employees to work from a specific location. Even if they list the Outlet UGG position as “remote,” they often add “in the United States,” “California,” or something else. That’s why you should consider adding your postcode – especially if you’re applying for an office-based role.

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