Here is the revised version of my

Elliott also stressed the importance of readability and mentioned the Hemingway app. “Your writing must be easy to read to achieve the required score. If your resume language is complex, it may be difficult for the ATS to classify you for a specific job,” he said.

12. Do everything you can to avoid using a functional format.
Forget the functional resume format, which focuses primarily on your abilities without connecting your skills to your work experience – this is a big mistake.

“Functional resumes are not only considered ‘not ATS-compliant,’ but recruiters don’t trust them,” says Lisa Hagendorf, founder of Centerpiece Public Relations. “If you use a functional resume, recruiters will think you have something to hide — which is never a good thing.”

It’s better to choose a hybrid or reverse

Chronological resume format, which displays information in a clear hierarchy, which ATSs appreciate, she says.

Not only are these resume formats applicant tracking system-friendly, but the layout also makes it easy for recruiters to quickly. Scan your resume and understand your. Career story and the value you provide. As a marketing copywriter, I can tell you that writing is essential to any successful marketing campaign, from emails to social media posts to blogs.

But which tool is best for Albania Whatsapp Phone Number List you and the content you need to create?

Get started with HubSpot’s AI Marketing Assistant
I tested several AI copywriting platforms to find out which tools write the best marketing copy. After reading this blog post, you’ll have a better idea of ​​which tools you should try to help you produce quality content faster.

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Resume along with the new score

ATS Resume Template; Resume updated based on the resume scanner’s suggestions

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ATS Resume Template; Score Outlet UGG I received after updating my resume based on the resume scanner’s suggestions. Computer screen shows a hand holding a pencil; AI copywriting tools

Even the most experienced writers can struggle to keep up, so it’s essential to leverage the best AI copywriting tools to streamline the process and make your work more efficient.

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