Importance of Re-engagement Emails

Like Catching Up With an Old Friend, Reconnection Emails Are Usually About Reminiscing About the Good Memories You Shared Together — Not Asking for Favors (or Asking Customers to Buy Your Products).

In My Experience, a Well-crafted Re-engagement Email Should Convey the Message of “we Miss You” Rather Than “we Miss Your Money” to Win Back Customers Who May Have Forgotten About Your Brand.Importance of Re-engagement Emails.

While Re-engagement Emails Offer a Variety of Advantages to Email Marketers, I Typically Rely on Them for the Following Use Cases.

Engage Inactive Customers

Years Ago, an Email Subject Line Like “you Got Mail!” Might Have Excited Internet Users, but That’s Not the Case Today. With Around 360 Billion Emails Sent and Received Every Day Worldwide, It’s Easy for Customers to Miss Your Marketing Emails. Therefore, I Recommend Giving Your Subscribers Gentle Reminders to Re-engage Them.
Generate Missed Revenue. Unlike the 25% of New Customers Who Abandon a Purchase Because They Don’t Trust a Website to Provide Their Financial Information, Your Existing Customers Already Trust You. This Makes Them a Cambodia Whatsapp Phone Number List Reliable Source of Revenue.
Improve Your Email Sender Reputation. While Sending Emails to All Your Potential Customers Sounds Great, It’s a Surefire Way to Get Yourself Thrown Into the Spam Dungeon. According to Validity, 15% of Emails Never Reach the Inbox. By Sending Re-engagement Emails, You Can Decide the Fate of Inactive Subscribers and Protect Your Email Sender Reputation.

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Pro Tip Use Re-engagement Emails to

See What’s Missing From Your Regular Marketing Emails – Kind of Like a/b Testing. That Way, You Can Improve Your Strategy and Outlet UGG Increase Subscriber Engagement.

If Re-engagement Emails Can Help You Connect With Your Disengaged Audience, It Might Also Help You Get Better Open Rates From Your Engaged Audience.

Lina Lugova, Cmo of Epom, Emphasizes Adding Missing Value: “the Reason You Have to Send Re-engagement Emails is That Your Previous Campaigns Didn’t Bring Enough Value, So You Should Do It Now.”

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