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much more… But enough talking, it is best to take a few minutes to discover all this in video: 1 – The multilingual version Do you work with an international team at Squantum? Now define your favorite language for the interface. Go to My Account > Account  applies to you: 2 – Auto Submit When you are in the “Content Optimization”

section – you no longer need to click to optimize your content

it updates automatically. Let’s make things smooth! 3 – Integrate a plan When you write content, it is essential that it is well structured! Squantum allows you to generate a detailed plan in one click thanks to the “Insert a content structure” functionality. Go to Final Expense Telemarketing Leads an analysis or launch a new one, and click on “Insert a content structure” 4 – Analyze your competitors’ structure Get inspired by the texts that perform well in the Top 10 to build the perfect text. Go to an analysis or launch a new one, click on “Text structure

” to see competitors’ structures By clicking on a title, you integrate

Final Expense Telemarketing Leads

it directly into your content: 5 – Questions tab gets a makeover Big update to the questions tab, you will now find 3 different types of questions: Those from competitors: Found directly in the content that is positioned. People Also Ask: You know that “question box” that shows up when you do a Google search? Find them directly on Squantum. Generated by AI: Outlet UGG Discover unpublished questions to integrate directly into your content! By clicking on them, you add them to your content, but in addition, the tool generates a response. 6 – Generate AI content directly from SEOQuantum Many of you have asked us in recent months, is here at SEOQuantum! For those who don’t know, is a tool that allows you to generate text through AI from a keyword. This functionality is now available

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