Since the system relies on specific

Matt Collingwood, managing director of VIQU IT Recruitment, says,

“Many applicant tracking systems use AI to read your resume, extracting key information about you (such as your postcode) to search for your suitability for the role. Typically, recruiters look for candidates within a 20-mile radius of the client’s office, so if you don’t provide your postcode, you won’t show up in searches within this ‘nearby’ radius.”

Quantify your achievements with numbers and metrics

You have to remember that at some point, your resume will end up in the hands of a recruiter (if you make it fit in an ATS, of course).

That’s why you can’t just focus on optimizing your tracking system, you also have to impress the recruiter.

“Applicant tracking systems love keywords, but simply including general skills in a job description isn’t enough to make you stand out,” says Rahul Vij, CEO of Web Spero. “Instead, you should quantify your achievements using Algeria Whatsapp Phone Number List metrics that demonstrate the impact you made in previous roles.”

For example, instead of just listing “social media marketing,” you could mention “ engagement by 20% through targeted social media campaigns,” notes Spero. This approach not only demonstrates the skills, but also how effectively you applied them.

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Proofread for errors increased brand

This should be a no-brainer, but many candidates forget about it — make sure your resume is error-free. This will increase the chances of Outlet UGG your resume being accepted by the ATS. words, it won’t understand them if you make a spelling mistake.

“If you submit a resume with spelling errors, you are likely to miss out on opportunities because your resume may not rank for keywords related to the spelling errors,” said Tim Elliott, president and COO of Mr. Moxey’s.

Tools like Grammarly can help you record and remove grammatical errors in your writing. It also provides quick suggestions for available corrections.”

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