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First, I like the idea behind this free HubSpot resume template. It’s specifically targeted at applicants who are new to the job market, so I can imagine how many Gen Zs could benefit from this.

These candidates may have a hard time proving their fit for the job and showcasing their skills without a ton of professional experience. I can imagine how incredibly taxing it is to think about keeping the ATS happy at the same time.

What I Like: I like that under each heading, this resume template provides guidelines, rather than a made-up summary, past roles, etc.

The instructions clearly state that the

Resume must be concise and to the point. This makes it easier not only for the ATS to skim through the content, but for recruiters as well.

HR Professional — ATS Resume Template
ATS Resume Template; HR Professional ATS-Friendly Resume Example

The fictitious applicant Bangladesh Whatsapp Phone Number List an experienced HR professional. But to keep the content to one page, they only discuss two recent positions.

The description is very detailed, so there’s a lot of room to naturally use the right keywords. Also, the “Skills and Competencies” section is very easy to skim for both the ATS and the human eye.

What I Like: This resume is a perfect blend of detail and brevity. It shows how a senior professional can keep their resume to one page.

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Pro Tip Check out these free resume

Now, I’m going to try to create a resume that’s ATS-friendly. I’m applying for the Senior Content Marketing Manager position Outlet UGG at What graph. You can see the job posting below:

ATS Resume Template; Example of a Marketing Job Posting on LinkedIn

I’m going to use one of the free resume templates from the previous section as a starting point. Next, I’m going to upload it to the resume scanner Resume Worded and check out the suggestions it gives me to help it get past the ATS.

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