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Williams said that many candidates already know that they should use relevant phrases. However, many of them overlook an important detail – using variations of those keywords.

“Let’s take the role of ‘project manager’ as an example. Terms like ‘project coordinator’ or ‘project leader’. Therefore, incorporating synonyms or alternative phrases into the job title can increase your resume’s visibility,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, since your resume is supposed to be a single page, consider how to avoid keyword stuffing.

“If the job description mentions ‘project management’ multiple times, consider how to reflect this term in your resume, but don’t overuse it,” Williams told me. “Use phrases like ‘managed multiple projects simultaneously’ to tie your experience back to the job.”

Similarly, any unique terminology or specific skills vocabulary used in the job description should be reflected on your resume where it truly applies.

 Incorporate storytelling and prioritize results.


“When crafting an ATS-friendly resume, I’ve found it’s effective to incorporate. Storytelling elements into bullet points. Rather than just listing job responsibilities, try describing your accomplishments as small stories that showcase your skills and real-world experience,” says Mohamed Mezian, founder of Augurisk.

For example, Mezian points to the phrase “managed social media accounts.” Instead, you could say, “Increased brand engagement Belize Whatsapp Phone Number List by 30% through strategic content curation and audience engagement strategies.”

Not only will this make your resume more appealing to human raters, it will also help ATSs better analyze the impact of your work, increasing your chances of making it through the initial screening process, Mezian says.

“Remember that behind every bullet point is an opportunity to tell your career story in an engaging and memorable way,” he concludes.

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Mirror the ‘requirements’ section.

Jarir Mallah, HR Manager at Outlet UGG Ling, a fast-growing tech startup, uses an ATS every day to grow his team.

“While most job seekers know that their resume should include keywords related to the job description, I recommend prioritizing keywords in the ‘requirements’ section of the listing,” he says.

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