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Enticing Offers
Consider Offering Discounts. These Special Offers Can Help You Win Back Customers. That Being Said, Since the Recipients Are Unengaged Customers, I Recommend Opting for This Type of Email When Offering a Higher-than-usual Discount.

While Re-engagement Emails That Emphasize Discounts Are Not Much Different From Regular Discount Emails, You Must Optimize the Subject Line. Don’t Go for a Generic Subject Line Like “[name], Claim Your Offer Now!”, but Add Recognizable Value and Personalization.

For Example, I Like a Re-engagement Email With the Subject Line “we Miss You, Get 50% Off Your Next Purchase!”.

Recommendation Refreshes You Win Back

Re-engagement Emails That Offer Personalized Recommendations Can Also Help  Customers. However, Without Segmented Data, Recommendation Refreshes Look Incomplete, So I Recommend Using This Feature Only if You Have a Marketing Automation Tool That Includes Relevant Content, Such as Purchase Behavior, Browsing Activity, and Most Reviewed Products.

Once I Have the Necessary Cambodia Whatsapp Phone Number List Recipient Details, I Use a Template Like This One and Then End With a Cta.

Subject Line: You Love These, [name]. But Wait Until You See the New Options…

Preview Text: Brand New, Customized Recommendations Just for You!

[email Copy With Recommendations]

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Self-improvement Speech Personalized

Recommendations Work for E-commerce Brands, but Not So Much for Saas Businesses. Instead, I’ve Found That Saas Businesses Get Higher Click-through Rates by Teasing Upcoming Redesigns, New Products, or Improvements Based on User Feedback.

Here’s a Re-engagement Email Template I Recommend When Sharing How You’ve Improved Your Product:

Subject Line: [name], Your Feedback Helps Us Level Up!

Preview Text. Come See What’s New!

Thanks to Valuable Input Outlet UGG From Users Like You, We’ve Recently Rolled Out Some Major Upgrades. We’ve Revised [key Updates] Based on Your Requests. Let’s Just Say the Results Will Have You Back in the Fan Club in No Time.

[quickly Introduce One or Two New Updates/products, Then End With a Cta]

Tough Love Conversation
Last but Not Least, I View Email Marketing as a Conversation With My Customers. So I Think It’s Fair to Talk Candidly About a Fading Relationship With a Little Drama or Humor.

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